Artist Statement


My work uses historical references to make commentary on today’s culture. The past becomes remembered in a way to highlight the glorious parts and leave us feeling nostalgic for the way things were when history is much like any fictional narrative. It needs to highlight certain things to make the story work and leave out the undesirable parts. I am embracing nostalgia’s effect on how we remember the past and how our memories can become as wondrous and fantastical as any fairy tale. The role women have played throughout history is not something that is completely irrelevant to us now. I seek to explore what role I feel I have in the world. The narratives I create seek to make the viewer a bit uncomfortable, to make them reevaluate their assumptions, and help them to try to see the dark hidden part of ourselves that tends to get excluded from the history we write down.




Stephanie Gagliardo is a figurative artist currently based outside of New York City. Originally from Florida, she moved to the northeast to pursue her master's degree in fine art. She received her BA in visual arts at the University of Florida and is working on her MFA from William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ.








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